West Hill Primary, Dartford

Hello West Hill!

I’m really looking forward to visiting you on Monday 27th February. I’ve chatted to your teachers and we have created a really exciting day.

At the beginning of the day, each key stage is going to make up a story. I don’t know what will happen in the story as you will think of ideas, I’ll choose several of you to share your ideas with everyone else and then we’ll take a vote to decide which the best idea is.

You might like to bring an interesting object to school that could be used in a story. Don’t bring anything precious but look round where you live and see what you can find. Here are some ideas – a Lego person, pair of shades, drinks coaster, something that’s come from outside the UK, a rock.

After we’ve made up our stories, I’ll be telling you about how I think of ideas and you’ll have a chance to ask me questions. Have a look round my website. You’ll find out lots of things about me like what this is a picture of…

I’ll also have my latest two books for sale – The Milkshake Detectives and Us Minus Mum for £5 each or £8 for both.

Meanwhile – I’m looking forward to having a great day with you and enjoy your half term holiday.