September 2016

So a new school year has started and lots of people have new shoes and new uniforms and new teachers.nov-07-054 If you are at school, I hope you like your teachers! I like September because it means Autumn is on its way.  I love Autumn  colours as trees change colour and lights are lit and the weather changes. I love walking through leaves and scrunching them under my wellies.

I have a busy September visiting schools in Hemel and High Wycombe doing writing days. Then I’m going p1000519to Florida for a writing break to carry on working on my next book. I need to concentrate on the characters, giving the reader more details about them. Lucille, my main character, doesn’t always behave like an eleven year old should. So I need to think  if/whether/how an eleven year old would react. I’ve not looked at the script for four months, so I know I will come to it with fresh eyes.

While I’m in Florida I’m speaking at Ringling College of Art and Design‘s programme of author sharing their work, which I am usa-hughenden-home-020looking forward to.  The picture at the top of this blog is a banyan tree. Its roots grow up instead of down. One day I might well use banyan trees in a story. Or I might use this boat that was blown on to the beach during a hurricane a few years ago. I wondered who owned it and how they went about trying to find out where it was.

Whatever you are doing this month, remember to keep looking at things and thinking of questions because it’s questions that often start really good stories!