Most schools choose one of the themes below for the school/key stage story to be based on.

prof P 003PROFESSOR PRAGUE can fly anywhere. His last few trips out he visited a gravel pit, a Dutch flower farm and arrested a jewel thief on a construction site. He can go anywhere, depending on schools’ requirements.

WISTON HILL sees 6 people, 6 pets, 6 random props, 6 pieces of garden furniture and 6 vehicles made into stories. It’s a wonderfully creative day.circusKingsfield

CIRCUSES involves clowns, human cannons and elephants.

CASTLES welcomes fiesty princesses, knights and dragons to the centre of the stage.

school 020A family of ALIENS lives in my props shed. They love visiting schools….

In ELEPHANT day, children act out a story about a baby elephant who is swept away in a mud slide.

PIRATES is a good excuse to dress up!

ALTERNATIVELY, contact me and we can combine ideas to create a day that is just right for your school. That is how all the above days  came into being.