School Visits

I was a primary teacher for many years, ploand press cuttinggoing part-time ten years ago to give me more time to write and travel the UK leading writing workshops. As well as visiting hundreds of schools in the UK. I’ve  worked in Poland, Croatia and America. I’ve also had the privilege of being writer-in-residence in some wonderful schools.

Here’s a photo of me working with parents in a  school in Shadwell, Tower Hamlets, London where, as writer-in-residence, I worked with every children in the school. final day 008

Currently I am writer-in-residence at Disraeli Primary School in High Wycombe. I love visiting them to work alongside adults and teachers to help them write better stories.

When I lead whole school writing days, typically I make up a story with a whole keyparkgate stage, usually based on a theme. Children suggest ideas and we take a school vote as to which is the best one. This process usually involves lots of laughter and interaction.  Children then work in their classes, retelling the story or creating their own, while I lead class workshops talking about writing, sharing where I get my ideas from and answering questions.

wooden camel 009For younger children I bring a story I wrote and illustrated for our sons when they were aged 4 and 6. I have the original teddies and wooden camel that the story was about.

A typical day’s timetable  can be found here and to read what teachers have said about my visits, click here.

I enjoy working with individual schools to create unique days – such as working with gifted and talented writers or co-ordinating a day when groups of children from different schools come together to write.