Parkgate, Watford

14th October

Hello Parkgate!

I really enjoyed working with you all today. My favourite character living on Wiston Hill has to be the ninety three year old who runs the shop with a section for World War 1 antiques. I just hope the vet was nice to him!

When I visited your classrooms, I was impressed with the ideas you were having. Well done! I hope, when you write your stories, you carry on having lots of brilliant ideas and remember to edit those sentences. ATTACK THE VERBS – they sit there waiting for you to change them!

Enjoy whatever you are doing today and here’snorfolk 2012 104 a random picture of my birthday cake with a pirate birthday candle.



I’m looking forward to working with you all on the 14th October. We’re going to create a story about things that happen in a place called Wiston Hill. At the bottom of the hill is a building and we’ll think of something interesting for it to be when we have decided who lives on the hill. We’ll also create 6 characters who live there. They’ll have a pet each and a vehicle and random things which we will weave into a story.

It would be great if you could bring to school (on the 14th) a random object like a cuddly toy (for a pet) or an interesting tin or a key ring or a shoe. Don’t bring anything  precious, just in case something happens to it. You’ll need these because you are going to make up a story about Wiston Hill afterwards and the more props there are in your classroom, the more ideas you are likely to have.

I’ll also be spending time with each year group telling you about what I do as a writer. On this visit I’ll tell you about my latest book titled Us Minus Mum. You can hear me reading an extract from this book if you click here.  You’ll be able to ask me questions, but I want to ask you a question as well. This website is brand new. I have tried to make it so children will enjoy looking at it. When I visit your school, can you be really honest with me and tell me how I can improve it. Thank you!

I’ll have copies of Us Minus Mum to sell (and sign) after school for £5.

Enjoy the rest of your day and see you soon. The photograph at the top of this blog is a plant pretending to be a scary animal!