Parkgate January 19th

Hello Parkgate!

I’m writing this after a fantastic day with you all.parkgate I loved making up a story with you and then helping you all make a book to write your own stories in. Remember to keep your storylines really simple (so you can add lots of detail to them) and when you have an idea, be prepared to change it – your first idea might not necessarily be your best idea.

parkgate1Some  of the story ideas I saw when I visited your classrooms looked great. I hope you manage to paint lots of pictures with words when you turn your plans into paragraphs – and I did like the alien one class made.

I shall look forward to returning in June when we will be doing stories about castles, dragons, princesses and knights.

Until then, keep being brilliant!


I took this picture of a darlek because it was sitting darlekin an office near where I live.

I’m looking forward to working with you all on Monday 19th January. We’re going to make up a story (like we did last time, with six bags and a die) about aliens. I have a family of friendly aliens living in my shed and I’ll bring some of them with me.

P1020645During class workshops we’re going to make books to  publish the story you write. This photograph is a prototype of one of them. Each year group will work on different ways to publish stories or  plans.

So before the 19th,  have a think about what weird, different and daft things aliens can do. Think about…

school 0201. how they speak and communicate

2. how (and what) they eat

3. how they travel

4. what their spaceship is like both inside and outside

5. which tools and gadgets they have. (The aliens won’t have guns or weapons; they are friendly aliens)

You could write your ideas down or draw them then add labels to help you think of more details.

On the day I’ll bring some copies of Us Minus Mum to sell (£5) for ifUs Minus Mum -website anyone wants to buy a signed copy.

Meanwhile, I’ll look forward to the 19th and another great day!