Parkgate Junior School June 8th 2015


Nearly time for another lovely day with you all on Tuesday 8th June. We’re going to make up a story about dragons, knights, princesses and other characters that live in castles. I’m also going to talk to year groups about how I create story plot lines.

school 021Before my visit, make a list of people and animals that could live in a castle and why they would be good to include in a story. What do they do that makes them different to other characters? Each character needs to have something unique that the reader enjoys finding out about. Think of something funny they could do and also something brave. Your ideas will help your writing when I visit.

TMD coverAfter school, I’ll have my latest book, The Milkshake Detectives, for sale. It’s a mystery book and hardly anyone who has read it worked out who The Bear was – which I am really pleased about! I’ll have Us Minus Mum for sale as well. Both books are discounted to £5 each and I’ll be selling and signing them after school.

The picture at the top of this post george's shepherds pieis from my recent visit to America. A friend cooked a meal for us. Have a guess at what he called it and what the ingredients are (apart from the tomato ketchup on top).