October 2017

The photograph immediately above is of me on our granddaughter’s trampoline. I love visiting her and her family in Manchester.

This month felt very disrupted because we arrived home from America to find a flood in one of our downstairs rooms. We have had to dry the concrete floor and get rid of the carpet. We normally keep the wifi  router on top of the freezer but had to put it on a stool while we moved the freezer over the carpet. This being the first time we have been flooded, I never realised how long it takes to dry everywhere. Grrrr! Next time we go away, we will switch the water off. BUT… if I ever put a flood in a story, because I am writing about something I have experienced, I shall include loads more details about it.

 Then we had 2 of our grandchildren to stay and took them to the Science Museum in London which was great fun. Their favourite place was where concave and convex mirrors on the wall made them look slightly weird.  I look weird as well!

So I haven’t done much writing this month. Sometimes it’s good to have a break and return to the story with fresh eyes.