Personal Things

heth at flea market for goffoSMHere’s what I love about my life (in no particular order).

Writing. I carry a note book and pen wherever I go and jot ideas down. I spend time at my lap top. I love editing sentences to make them better.

Watching people. If I am in a supermarket with my husband and I see someone interesting, he asks me not to stare at them.

Playing Scrabble. I play with 2 other people and we pretend we are not competitive. We play two games in an evening and do a lot of chatting as well.

Visiting schools. I was a teacher for many years and love teaching. Being invited to schools to do writing things is one of the best things ever!

Going to new places and meeting new people. Here are 2 photos. The first one is of me driving Septmeber 2010 046a real steam train in Poland and the other is my favourite beach in Northumberland where we went on holiday 20140817_162035with our family. Not many people were there as you can see in the picture! We stayed in a farm house and had a brilliant time.

My family. I have a husband and we have two sons, two daughters-in-law and four grandchildren. The cake at the top of the page is from my birthday when we were all together. I have two sisters and lots of nieces and nephews and we love meeting up with each other. The photograph is of us being really sensible in Salt Lake City with our friend Lisa.

My church. I help run a club for children, explore my Christian faith and eat cake! 20140326_194017This is a cake my friend Dors made.

Friends. I have lots of friends who I enjoy being with. My friends let me talk through ideas with them. I love being with people!

Reading. I love burying myself in a story.

Going to the theatre or the cinema. I love disappearing into a story for a few hours. La La Land is totally over-rate. The film Scully is fantastic.  Ice Age is good too! A friend of mine is an actress and I go to every play she is in. She was a wonderful Lady Macbeth!

Eating chocolate. I love Maltesers, Twirls and After Eights. Cakes too. I like Fuji apples and carrots as well. And strawberries.

P1010733My garden. It’s a great place to think. If I am writing all day I will take an hour out in the afternoon and do some gardening. In this photograph I have bubble wrap round my pots to stop the frost doing nasty things to the roots.