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Us Minus Mum -websiteAnagrams – all the words are found in Us Minus Mum. Last letters in each word are in bold, capitals are correct as are apostrophes before a letter. So raN a’s can would be Nana’s car. Answers are at the very bottom of the page.

of foG

gain red

rap lone tim

grip’s sea

quid or So We

Mr sti’s mouse

me in  vast  gig

shy pigs canal

myTh’s here so

mrs pel’se Drove to sea



Us Minus Mum -websiteWhat Happened in the Story? Put these sentences in the right order as they happened in Us Minus Mum.

Goffo does a poo on Mrs Shardini’s lawn.

Nana lifts Goffo up high and completely withers him.

Goffo farts in front of Mrs Cortez.

Goffo tries to sniff Ivan’s bottom at Topplehurst Model Village.

Theo tells his class about training Goffo for the Summer Showdown.

Goffo is filmed for television.

Goffo sits on the sofa with Dad, George and Theo.

Goffo is called Ping.

Theo and George do an experiment with a pig’s ear.

Dad trains Goffo to bark at Chelsea.

Goffo is sad because a plastic reindeer won’t be his friend.

Goffo sits a see saw for the first time.


Us Minus Mum -websiteTwenty Questions About Goffo

1.What was Goffo called in the Dog Rescue Centre?

2. What is the address of the house he came to live in?

3. Who is he named after?

4. Which colour makes him growl? Why?

5. What is his favourite thing to chew?

6. Name Goffo’s brother.

7. What does Goffo like doing on the sofa that Nana hates?

8. What does Goffo do after he has passed wind?

9. How long is it from Pig’s ear to fart?

10. What does Goffo do in Mrs Shardini’s garden?

11. What blue things does Goffo bark at?

12. What does Carl Worthington call him?

13. What colour is his lead?

14. What was his brother called in the Rescue Centre?

15. Who makes something that looks like him?

16. Which animal disappoints him at Christmas?

17. What happens when Elise visits the house?

18. Who are his friends at Squire Wood?

19. What doesn’t Goffo like?

20. What is he scared of?


Us Minus Mum -websiteTwenty Questions About George

1. Who is George’s brother?

2. Which animal is his cuddly?

3. Which football team does he support?

4. Name the school George goes to.

5. Which animal does George talk about on television?

6. Which game do he and Elise play in the garden centre?

7. What does Goffo perform at the summer Showdown?

8. What presents is George given?

9. Name four teachers at George’s school.

10. What’s the hardest thing George does in the whole book?

11. What is Grandpa’s pet name for George?

12. How does Dermo look after George?

13. Think of four things George eats.

14. What does George think about Nana?

15, Where did George go on holiday last year?

16. Who does he like the least? Why?

17. What does George do that is naughty?

18. How does George show he cares about his family?

19. Does he fancy Janine? What makes you think this?

20. Think of three things you like about him.



Us Minus Mum -websiteAnswers to Anagrams

Goffo, reading, trampoline, pig’s ears, Squire Wood, Mum’s stories, visiting game, playing chess, Theo’s rhymes, sleep overs at Dermo’s

Us Minus Mum -websiteAnswers to What Happened in the Story?

 1. Goffo is called Ping.    2. Dad trains Goffo to bark at Chelsea.    3. Theo and George do a scientific experiment on Goffo with a pig’s ear.    4. Goffo does a poo on Mrs Shardini’s lawn.   5. Goffo is sad because a plastic reindeer won’t be his friend.  6. Goffo tries to sniff Ivan’s bottom at Topplehurst Model Village.   7. Goffo sits on a see saw for the first time.   8. Theo tells his class about training Goffo for the Summer Showdown.   9. Nana lifts Goffo up high to make him behave and completely withers him.   10. Goffo is filmed for television.   11. Goffo farts in front of Mrs Cortez.   12. Goffo sits on the sofa with Dad, George, Theo and Dad.

Us Minus Mum -websiteAnswers – Twenty Questions About Goffo 

1. Ping   2. 47, Holly Tree Road 3. Vincent Van Gogh 4. Blue – Dad trains him to bark and growl at Chelsea    5. Pig’s ears      6. Ivan       7. Dancing      8. Wiggle backwards      9. Six hours six minutes     10. Growl at Mrs Shardini then poo on her lawn     11.  Blue Chelsea shirts, parked cars, that are blue, Dermo’s front door, blue flower pots on the patio       12. Freak   13. Pink     14. Pong      15. Elise makes a pencil sharpener      16. The plastic reindeer Dad wins at work       17. In the garden       18. Rabbits and Theo if Dermo is with them      19. Tray    20. Heights (and Nana)

Us Minus Mum -websiteTwenty Questions About George – Answers

1. Theo     2. Henry Snail    3. Arsenal     4. Watson Park Primary School   5. langurs     6. Making it Better game     7. See-Double-Saw trick     8. one present from Dad is a remote controlled car      9. Mrs Logan, Mr Jennings, Miss Olukajo     10. Probably standing (in a line) beside Mum’s grave      11. Dragon Slayer      12. He’s honest with him, he’s a loyal friend and protects him from AJ and Carl Worthington when they put mud on his PE things      13. Roast potatoes, pizza, guacamole dip, biscuit      14. She makes him feel safe, she’s fair, she loves and looks after him      15. Norfolk      16. Carl Worthington      17. Spits on Theo’s whoopee cushion, thumps Carl Worthington    18. George tries to be extra sensible, he looks after Theo when Theo needs him     19. He does by the end of the book because he starts noticing what she is wearing – at the beginning, he doesn’t     20. Heather Butler likes his quirky observations, how he tries hard to do well and his loyalty to his family and friends