Things to do with The Milkshake Detectives

How well do you know the world of The Milkshake Detectives?

  1. Is Peddle-Worth Primary School in Worth or Peddle?
  2. How old is Emily?
  3. Whose grandmother has an old dog?
  4. What is Charlie’s address?
  5. Where is the Fairy Box kept?
  6. What type of car does Max drive?
  7. Where does Julia fall in love with an actor?
  8. Which road do Donny and Ugly have to cross to reach Billy’s customers?
  9. Where does Oliver Garston live?
  10. Who is William Holdsworth’s teacher?
  11. Who lives next door to Charlie and which football team do they support?
  12. Which newspaper does Jamie Sopton work for?
  13. What is ET’s phone number?
  14. What sort of tree falls over?
  15. Who are Charlie and Julia’s heroes from Mystery: Solved?
  16. Where is Rev Proctor’s office?

How well do you know the characters? What would happen if…

  1. Ryan saw a spider?
  2. Ugly saw someone dressed in a Bear costume?
  3. A car ran into Max’s BMW?
  4. Kelly said she would see Jeremy in a school play?
  5. Julia slipped on the grass as she watched Oliver and Stevie play football?
  6. Charlie was given a hundred pounds?
  7. Charlie’s mum had a whole afternoon to herself?
  8. Billy decided he didn’t like the squirrel that sometimes visits his shop?
  9. Maria was making a new recipe for The Bear’s Lair Café?
  10. William Holdsworth took Fluffles for a walk?