The Milkshake Detectives

TMD coverCharlie and Julia are certain that the sleepy village of Peddle-Worth must contain some mysteries for their brand new agency – The Milkshake Detectives – to solve. All they need to do is find them!

So when somebody called ‘The Bear’ starts20150111_112539 leaving strange clues, they can’t wait to put their spy skills to use. The only problem? Everyone else wants to join in the bear hunt too! Not least, Charlie’s new step-brothers who are quite possibly the most irritating boys on the planet. But with the competition heating up, Charlie might be missing a more important mystery. And this one lies a lot closer to home . . .

Children’s Books Ireland reviewed The Milkshake Detectives

The characters all ring true, with the dialogue, relationships and setting creating a tale that is engaging and realistic. The detailing in the text is marvellous and well-observed. Throughout, the action is fun, dynamic, with a humorous quality that makes it easy to follow. Completely enjoyable and heartfelt! 

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