Manor Farm March 5th

Hello Manor Farm!

This darlek turned up in an office near my housedarlek just before Christmas, so I chatted to it and it was happy for me to take one photograph. So here is the one photograph In took. It vanished the next day and never appeared again. On World Book Day I am going to make up a story with you using my six bags. As usual, I do not know where the story will go but I know you’ll think of some brilliant ideas to develop the story line.

121 heatherton houseThis picture is of the inside of my shed. I shall go in there next Wednesday evening and choose some interesting things to go in the bags; and you will be dressed in your book character outfits. I’m excited because I’m not always in school when you all dress up – but this year I am.

TMD coverI shall also tell you about my new book, The Milkshake Detectives. It is due to be published on April 2nd and I will be selling copies in school then. It’s set in a village where Charlie and Julia set up a detective agency. They just need a mystery to solve; and then they hear that a bear has wandered round  the village leaving clues. The race is on to solve the mystery; but other children are trying to work out who the bear is too, including Charlie’s step-brothers who are probably the most annoying boys in the planet.

The black and white photograph at the top of this posttunnel digger in Berlin is something to do with The Milkshake Detectives. The question is… what? If you look round my website you’ll be able to work out what.

Back in your classrooms, you’re going to play some literacy board games and explore some World Book Day websites. GOAT AT ODDS RARMSo it’s going to be a great day – and here is a photograph of a goat that I saw on a farm at Christmas. You can guess who I was with when I saw it…