June 2017

There are lots of places on the amazing planet we live on that are spectacular. I visited several of them in America a few weeks ago when I went to the Grand Canyons, Monument Valley and then Yellowstone Park. The photo is of me at Monument Valley with huge sandstone rocks standing out in the desert. 

Bison wandered along the road as we drove round wonderful scenery – mountains covered in snow by lakes.

We kept our eyes wide looking for a moose. According to the internet there are only about 250 of them wandering round a huge, huge area; so the chances of us seeing one was pretty slim; but on our last day, we came across this…

If you look carefully at the bottom of the strut holding the bridge up, you can see a baby moose. It had walked across shallow water to the middle of the river, but then became scared and was too scared to move. Two rangers and a sheriff were there. The rangers got in a raft and rowed out to the baby moose. It saw them coming and tried to get away, heading for the deeper water behind the strut. The rangers plunged after that little moose and rescued it, bringing it to land where they wiped it in a towel, took photographs of themselves with it then let it go loose near where it’s mum was. There were about 20 of us watching and we cheered and helped. It was a really special half an hour with a happy ending.

I am sure that moose will appear in a book somewhere!

Now I’m getting back to work now, working on a picture book for 3-5 year olds. I’m enjoying thinking of families who will appear in the book and how each person in the family does different things.. I have a little toddler who does cheeky things all the time. He appears on every page and reminds me of my grandchildren! I love this stage of working on a book proposal.