January 2018

2018! Where did 2017 go to?

One thing I have decided to do this year is explore London. I’ve been given a book with walks to take from tube stations, telling me which buildings to look at and where good museums, art galleries and attractions are. The photograph at the top of this blog is when I went on the London Eye. There are so many interesting things to do!

I have two lovely schools to visit this month. On the 17th I go to Manor Farm in Hazlemere to work with pupils from several schools for the day. We’ll be thinking about how to make characters jump off the page  and publish a paragraph we’ve written and edited then edited again.

I’m working with pupils at St. Andrew’s Prep School in Pangbourne on the 29th. Again, we’ll think about characters and planning stories. I’ll tell pupils what I do when I am writing. At the moment I’m working with teachers at both schools to make sure we have really good days.

I’ll bring Us Minus Mum and Milkshake Detectives with me – £5 each or £9 for both.

I am really looking forward to working with you all.

As I write this blog, Liverpool are playing Manchester City and the match is being televised. We get on really well with our neighbours. They support Liverpool and their tv is on the wall joined to our living room. I love it because in my head I fill in the commentary, depending on whether there’s shouting, screaming, groaning, yelling or cheering. I think the score is currently 3-1. There is great excitement next doors!

4-3 final score! Even more happiness…