January 2015

Happy 2015!

P1020747During the Christmas holidays our family went to an animatronics Christmas display of film themes (see photo on left) and also to a farm (see right). GOAT AT ODDS RARM After the family had gone back to their own homes I treated myself to a day in London with a  friend. We went to see the photograph competition exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery. I love looking at a photograph and working out why I either like or dislike it. The artist Grayson Perry’s work was being exhibited as well and that was fascinating and made me think about my identity and what makes me ‘me’.

I love art galleries. There are always interesting people like the man painting a painting in the picture a the top of this blog. P1010992He painted for a hobby and in real life was a bone surgeon (I talked to him, like I talk to lots of people – as long as I am in a safe place).

We played 221b Baker Street (like Cluedo for adults) with friends on New Year’s Eve and now P1020645I’m looking forward to 2015. This month I’m spending time at a junior school in Watford and we’re going to make books to publish our stories about aliens in. I’m working on my next book as well so it’ll be a mixture of research and writing first draft paragraphs and planning.

Meanwhile – enjoy January!