Asked to do INSET fifteen years ago, I received excellent feed back and now offer a menu of things related to story writing. Most schools pick and mix from the list below. References are available.

  1. Kick-starting creative story writing (my most popular one) – asking questions to generate ideas, dice games, hot seating, role play, developing characters, things to do with pictures, using 5 senses and music as stimulus, living sentences, wandering stories, emotion graphs, shoe box stories, emotion puddles and a load of other things

2. Speaking and listeningbefore writing, working collaboratively     

3. Developing characters in storiesstrategies how to

4. Editingthe importance of verbs and what to look for

5. Publishing make books and other interesting formats from A4 paper

6. Boysideas to motivate them to write

7. Writing journals – how they work, what are they, plan by drawing, emphasis on editing and writing in short spurts. Great to develop confidence in emerging writers.

I also present INSET days for Dragonfly Training – Facing Up to Bereavement and Kinaesthetic Story Writing in an Inclusive Classroom.