Holtsmere End Junior School


Derby Dales 2010 033The picture at the top of this blog is something my granddaughter made with one of her Christmas presents. Being creative is about taking different things and putting them together in a new way. So here’s a photo I took in Derbyshire of a bush made into a table and chair. Lower down are some hay bales made into a castle.

I’m looking forward to visiting your school on Tuesday 1st March. We’ll start the day creating a story together, thinking of ideas then voting for which ones we think are the best as the story grows.

Back in your classrooms you’ll then work in groups to make up stories yourselves. To do this, I’d like you to bring in something that you think might be good to include in a story. image002Don’t bring in anything precious or dangerous. Bring in something like a toy that’s not from a film or television programme. I have a set of coasters that sit in a tiny wooden rocking chair – so if it was me, I might think about bringing the rocking chair in. Try and think of as many ways as possible your object could be used in a story.

While you’re doing that, I’ll visit classes and tell you about how my latest two books, Us Minus Mum and The Milkshake Detectives came to be written. If you want to buy a signed one, bring in £5. I’ll also answer questions about being a writer.

If you look round my website you can find out lots more about me and what I’ve done. Meanwhile, I shall look forward to working with you all at the beginning of March.