Galley Hill Primary, Monday 2nd March

Hello Galley Hill!

This picture is the inside of my shed. 121 heatherton houseI call it Heatherton House and it’s just outside our backdoor.

I am, as always, looking forward to working with you all. We’ll make up a story using my 6 bags and the huge yellow die.

TMD coverYou’ll then play board games with counters and  dice in your classroom. When you work with me you can ask me any questions you like about me being a writer and I’ll tell you about my new book and how I wrote it. The Milkshake Detectives is a who-dunnit and started off with a tunnel that I took out because I decided the story was better without it. The Milkshake Detectives is not published until 2nd April so I won’t have any for sale.

Enjoy whatever you are doing today and I’ll see you on the 2nd March.