August 2017

I went to London last week and loved seeing the street theatre in Covent Garden in London. This entertainer climbed up his ladder, which had no supports, and quoted Shakespeare as he did.  It was slightly bizarre and very relevant because I was on my way to see Hamlet at the Harold Pinter Theatre. It was THE best performance of Hamlet I have ever seen. Andrew Scott was magnificent as Hamlet and got madder and madder as the play developed. My friend, Madeleine Appiah was acting in it as well. We cheered like mad when she took her bow at the end. Madeline’s at the top of this month’s blog.

I enjoyed a holiday in Bakewell with all my family. It was nice to have a break; I’ve been working on a proposal for a picture book. Lovely to work with a creative senior commissioner. We sit in a coffee shop and play with ideas that might , or might not, work. The sky is the limit as far as ideas go, but they have to fit with what the audience will hopefully be.

And the sun has shone once or twice, so that has been very exciting! I hope it’s shone where you have been as well.