December 2017

December is probably the busiest month of the whole year! We have the whole family coming to stay so there will be ten and a half of us. Our grandchildren love being together (they’re aged 1, 2, 4 and 4) and I’ve stocked up the freezer with treats and yummy food. I enjoy opening Christmas cards and thinking about friends I haven’t seen for a while and catching up with what they are doing.

On Christmas Day, two of our grandchildren created a carrot forest as they helped me get the vegetables ready for Christmas dinner.

As a family we celebrate Jesus being born in the stable all those years ago as much as we do all the other traditions associated with Christmas. Here’s one of my favourite baubles on the Christmas tree. It’s from Guatemala inn Central America. What do you have at the top of your Christmas tree? We have a snowman which was given to us by a very dear friend and an aeroplane which is there simply because going in aeroplanes is exciting!

I loved it when it snowed. It was theĀ  best kind of snow; here for a few days so we could enjoy it then washed away by rain. It was great seeing people building snowmen. Wouldn’t it be fun if snow wasn’t so cold, though? We could stay out in it longer.

Enjoy the month and the season. Be thankful and look after everyone you’re with… and happy new year. I’m welcoming the new year in with friends from Japan so I’m looking forward to finding out about Japanese traditions.