January 2017

Happy New Year!

I’m hoping you have avoided catching any colds or coughs. They’re not nice!

The photograph of the owl at the top of this blog is outside  the wonderful Disraeli Primary School in High Wycombe where I visited on Thursday 19th of January. http://disraelischool.co.uk/

I love being writer-in-resident there as the children and all the adults are great to be with. It’s a fantastic school. On the 19th they held a Reading Day, thinking about the books, the words in them and why we enjoy the plots, what makes a good book and who writes them. It was all based round The Very Hungry Caterpillar and I love that book! I created stories with each year group about the caterpillar and there was a before-school breakfast where over 100 parents and children ate hungry caterpillar food and read books together. After school I spent time with parents and carers talking about how important reading is and how to help children get better at it. Fantastic day!

I’m also helped my sister move house this month which we tried to make a fun thing it do. I was in charge of food unpacking boxes. My sister knows I’m nosey and knew I would enjoy doing that…