October 2016

The picture above is of a starfish I saw on a beach; perfectly made and just sitting there waiting for me to photograph it!

My garden was great right through the summerp1040433. This is the view from the seat I sit in when I am writing. A squirrel keeps planting acorns all over the lawn. He bounces along the top of the fence then drops down and digs up the grass. He’s great to watch while my brain is thinking about which word would be the best one to use.

I love leading writing workshops and did one at the youth club my church runs. It was great to do. We divided a piece of paper in 6 . Each section was a paragraph and each paragraph had a different object that had to be used. The 6 objects were a purple duck, an umbrella, a bath, a banana, keys and a rocking chair. We laughed a lot as we made up the stories.

If you are at school, enjoy half term at the end of October. I shall be catching up with some friends and going to see my family in Sheffield and Manchester. I also have a caption competition to judge for Pilot Pens in Bourne End in Bucks. I’m looking forward to doing that.

And the weather will be getting colder as well… but will it snow before Christmas?