August 2016

August is one of my favourite months. My birthday is at the beginning and then there are holidays to go on with the family and friends to see and books to read and the garden to enjoy.

Stella made this beautiful fairy out of a leaf 20160713_152515_resizedand brought it to show me. I thought it was a very clever idea.

Yesterday I went to the Serpentine in London with some friends. Birds were playing musical chairs on the posts sticking out of the water, as in the picture at the top of this blog; and there was an art exhibition by American artist, Alex Katz. I liked how he created paintings that let my imagination ‘see’ things in the picture. What do you see in this?

Alex Katz

I shall also continue working on my next book. Having decided my main character would be better being aged 11 instead of 9, I need to check that she thinks and speaks like an 11 year old all the way through. At the moment, I don’t think she does; but she will by September!

Whatever you are doing, enjoy doing it and if you read any books, have a think about whether the characters are like anyone you know.