June 2016

I cannot believe how fast this year is going! I’ve been writing solidly for the last three weeks in Florida. After over two years, P1030630 (2)the book I’m working on  is nearly ready to go to Penny who is my agent. Great celebrations! Whilst in Florida, I spent time with Sam. He grew up in the Bronx which is an area of New York. The book I’m working on is set in a North American city. Sam helped me with what teenage gang members might say. He was wonderful to talk to and has a fascinating life story to share.

When I returned home, I spent ages going through notes I made and read every sentence in my book where teenagers are, doing lots of editing. I love doing research because I meet such interesting people. I also wrote a new ending; the one I had written didn’t wrap the story up properly. The new one does!

P1030645Linger Lodge 1While away, we went to a restaurant that prides itself as being ‘Old Florida’ and had interesting decorations on the walls including a foot dangling from this alligator’s mouth. I loved the salt and pepper pots as well. P1030657Whoever designed the restaurant had thought P1030655of so many details to make it interesting and quirky. It was my kind of place!

I have a quiet June, though my brain is starting to work on a new book idea; but I’m not writing anything down yet.