May 2016

I had the privilege of eating in Jun Tanaka’s restaurant in London a few weeks ago. It’s called The Ninth and has the most amazing food imaginable. Every mouthful tasted different and wonderful. I went with lots of other people and we ordered nearly every dish on the menu and shared the food out. Our conversation was mainly about the food we were eating, for two whole hours. Thank you Jun!

Food is playing a big part in my writing at the moment. I’m working on a book set in 1932 in the New York area of America and am enjoying doing all the research for it, finding out what food people ate. Black eyed peas were used to fill people up. In my story, the children move from the country to the city and are delighted when welfare lines hand out sausages and their grandmother, who they have come to live with while Pa looks for work, gives them spaghetti and butter.

Chichester cathedralI visited Chichester a few weeks ago. It’s a great city with a fantastic cathedral. The carpenter who makes the pews and chairs leaves his chichester cathedral mousetrademark mouse on everything he does, so we spent some time locating lots of mice as well as listening to the choir rehearsing for evensong.

SATs tests will be over soon, thank goodness! I hope anyone who has done them has some relaxing lined up to do afterwards – like making a list of your favourite meals and think who you would like to share eating them with.