April 2016

I was at York Railway Museum recently and loved the costumes about a hundred other visitors were wearing. They call themselves Steam Punks and dress as if they were living in Edwardian times, when steam engines were the only ones around and explorers were finding new lands and new scientific discoveries were constantly in the news. The gentleman in the picture was fascinating to talk to. His hat had eye glasses, clockwork york steam punk 1gadgets and a telescope on it. He wore a dragonfly broach and had travelled from near Hull to be there. The picture at the top of the blog are some other Steam Punk visitors.

I felt my brain buzzing with ideas for stories as I talked to him. I came home and wrote the opening lines of a new story. The document is filed in my ‘possible ideas’ folder. I might take it out one day and see if there is any life in the idea.

Meanwhile, I’m enjoying the warmer weather and the prospect of summer!