March 2016

The photograph at the top of this blog is from a wonderful day at Oakmeeds Community School in Burgess Hill, the school hosting the Best Book Award. I shared with year 6s and 7s how Us Minus 20160209_135201_resizedMum came to be written and answered questions. Then we made up a story about a giraffe that swallowed the keys needed to stop a robotic dragon destroying the world. It was great fun working with you all.

I like March because it starts with World Book Day. This year I was at Manor Farm Community Junior School in Hazlemere near High Wycombe and the school changed into Hogwarts for the day. All the teachers dressed up as characters and every single child was dressed as a Hogwarts pupil. It was a great day.

Earlier in the week I was at Galley Hill Primary in Hemel Hempstead where we made up some great stories.

I like this time of year as spring is arriving. The daffodils in my garden have been great this year. I’ve been working really hard on my next book and feel like I’m ready for a break. I drafted the synopsis this morning. That’s two pages of A4 about what the storyline is and how the characters develop.

I’m looking forward to the next few weeks as we’ll be seeing our family, celebrating Easter and being on holiday.