January 2016

So 2016 is here! Happy new Year!

The cakes at the top of this blog are from our local coffee shop where I love going with my family and friends.

Sweatshop mum's job 001

While I’m thinking about cakes, here’s a picture I took in Oxford of a wonderful shop that makes exciting cakes. The amazing people who work there can be watched as they work.

I have a quiet month lined up and having rested my latest book for a few weeks, I’m looking forward to starting work on it again. It’s set in North America during the early 1930s, so I’m  reading a book written for children in the 1930s as part of my research. Hitty and her Next Hundred Years is full of details like the clothes children wore, toys they played with and food they ate. It’s interesting to see how slowly the plot develops compared with the high action plot lines today’s stories have.

I’m reading it but I wouldn’t say it’s the most exciting book I have ever read!

20th January was a lovely day as I discovered Us Minus Mum has been short listed for the 2016 New Horizons Book Award. Yay! Thank you for nominating it. I’ve now got to wait until May to find out how it does. I’ve looked at some of the other books in the competition and there’s a lovely selection. Click here for more details. Very exciting!