Happy June! The old fashioned fire engine on the top photograph drove past me when I was in Sheffield recently. I’m on the look out for interesting old things as I’m working on an idea for a book set in the 1930s. At the moment I am photographing things, visiting art galleries and museums and writing paragraphs.

P1020990This picture is of marmite bread. You’ll either love it or hate it; I love it and ate it when I was  on a writing break when I was writing the fifth (or was it sixth?) draft of a book. Penny my agent is looking at it now to see what she thinks. She always has something interesting to say!

I’m now looking forward to summer and warm weather. I enjoy the research stage when I’m thinking of a brand new book idea which is what I am focussing on this month. Remember – taking photographs is a great way to store things you see that could be good to use in a story. I have a ridiculous number of photos that I really need to sort out – if only there was time to do sensible things like that!

Have a happy June.