April 2015

April 2nd was a great day. The Milkshake Detectives TMD coverwas published. I celebrated by going out for a meal with my family, eating cake and drinking Winter Pimms.

I’m speaking at Northampton University later in the month about how I created Us Minus Mum and The Milkshake Detectives. UMM is based on things I have experienced – the plot fell into place very early on; so did the characters. But with TMD I took a series of random events that happened to me and wove them together. I watched some children in Costa while I drank a cup of coffee and inspiration came for the characters.

I’m also visiting Manchester to visit schools and tell them about The Milkshake Detectives.

And last Saturday I had a very exciting trip to Old Sarum airport near Salisbury. I flew there in a Piper Dakota which has four seats, two in the front (including the pilot) and two in the back. It was windy so we were blown about but the views were brilliant. There’s always something interesting going on at airports and last Saturday there was a parachute charity jump to raise money for research into leukaemia.

Also working on my new book about bullying and secrets people keep. I’ve reworked the plot line so I’m playing with new ideas (which I do enjoy doing).