December 2014

I love December. Classic FM starts playing Christmas music, our back room has a tree that flashes, we have to remember to  burn the Advent candle each evening and people eat mince pies trying not to drop crumbs on the floor. It’s a busy time at school as well with carol concerts and trying to avoid children sneezing over me. en route to galley hillWork at Galley Hill Primary in Hemel where I am writer-in-residence is great. I drive over a beautiful canal to get there.  I am at the school every Monday for six weeks. We’re writing a story about an alien spaceship landing on the playground.

Today I had a meeting in London with Penny Holroyde, who is my agent. After seeing her I went on to The National Gallery in Trafalgar Square. I love going there. Stealer from National GalleryI have the plot of my next book buzzing in my head and wander round looking at expressions artists have painted until one of them stands out. Then I stop and look at the face for ages and think what the person in the painting would do if they were in my story and write a paragraph about him or her. Here’s the picture I spent ages in front of today. I loved the challenging defiance in the girl’s face.

pigeon on trainThen there was the pigeon! I took a photograph of it which is a bit blurry because the train was moving when I took it. I like pigeons. There were lots of them in Trafalgar Square and this one was strutting around inside the train! I don’t know what this little  pigeon will be doing over Christmas. I hope it finds something nice to eat. I’m a Christian so will be  celebrating the birth of Jesus in the midst of spending time with my family, eating mince pies and enjoying opening presents. I hope to have a great time, whatever you are doing. Have a Happy New Year as well!