November 2014

I was recently on a writing holiday in West Florida. Airports are great places to watch people, each with their own story. I let my mind imagine who they are and what has happened to them in the last few hours. On the way out, we met a brilliant couple on their way to Disneyland. They were nearly seventy years old and about to spend three weeks going on as many roller coasters as possible. I love talking to people. Everyone always has something interesting to say.

This was a writing holiday. I write most mornings for about five hours. The book I’m writing at the moment has a working title of The Unbullying of Kenji Yukimuro. The characters are now starting to come alive and suggest ideas to me. I love this stage of the writing process.

dragon racing oak tree P1020550When I wasn’t writing I went to a dragon boat festival where every rower had beaten cancer.

The vegetation in Florida is amazing. This picture is of an oak tree outside one of my friend’s houses. I love hearing the breeze blowing through the leaves (and the games of cards, laughter and wonderful food eaten inside the house).

Thinking of food, the last photograph is of me about to eat a pumpkin pancake, apple sausage and scrambled egg.

Next week I start working with the children at Galley Hill Primary School in Hemel Hempstead as their writer-in-residence. I’ve been associated with the school for seven years and so enjoy going there. We’re thinking about what’s happening in different photographs and playing board games I have created.