St Peter’s, Marlow

Hello! I’m looking forward to visiting you next Tuesday. I’m told you are really good at writing stories. We’re going to make up a story about castles and dragons and maybe there’ll be a princess who likes eating sardine sandwiches and a dragon who is scared of heights. I don’t know yet – it’ll be up to you to come up with some creative details… I’ll also be telling you about what I do when I am writing and I’ll have books to sell after school. I have some books that are now out of print and I’m selling those for £1 each. Us Minus Mum, which is my latest book, will be on sale for £5. This website is brand new. You are one of the first people to look at it and I would love to know if you think it is good to read. I am trying to make it so children enjoy reading it. Enjoy your week-end.  Heather

Tuesday 7th October Hello again. I loved working with you all today. What a great school St Peters is! Your ideas when we made up our stories were great and you worked together so well. I’ve had a lovely day with you all! Some of you forgot to bring your money into school but wanted to buy a copy of Us Minus Mum. If you still want to buy, put a £5 note in an envelope. Seal the envelope. Write your name and your class on the outside of the envelope. I will sign the book to that name. Then give the envelope to Mrs Richards. She will let me have the envelopes and I will send her the signed books. This won’t be until November though.

Thank you for telling me what you thought of my website. I promise I will include more pictures! websiteThe place I taught in Poland was Szczaniec. Here are photographs of the classroom I was in and some of the lovely students I worked with. for websiteAnd the photograph I’ve not put at the very top of the blog is of amazing cakes we ate in Poznan in Poland – we didn’t eat all of the ones in the photo though!